Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb
Good afternoon…
Excelency to the referees
And my loving audiences
First, let’s thank to the God, Allah SWT, all prices to him, The Lord of the world, the creator of everything in the universe who has given us the mercies and blessing until we can attend the meeting in this place.
Secondly, please be upon to our prophet Muhammad SAW who had guided us from the darkness to the brightness in this world.
Thirdly, I will never forget to thank to the commitees who have carried out this event. Standing in front of you all to present my speech about “LOVE IS LIKE WATER WHICH CAN PUT OUT THE FIRE OF FORCE”
My happy audiences
Love is a beauty which is given by Allah SWT to all of the mankind, either men or women, rich or poor, clever or stupid and health or sick. We all have undergone and felt the love. Actually, love is an action of the human being to another object such as self-sacrifice, attention, help, obey the words and do anything what the object wants. According to the meaning of love above, people who are falling in love say “break my chest” or “I will climb the mountain and I will cross the sea, only for you darling”. How beautiful it is. There fore we fell that the world just belong to both of us whereas our boarding house haven’t been paid. We love each other. If we don’t meet only for one hour, we will feel for one century. “love is crazy but it is beautiful”, therefore there is song of ST12 “satu jam saja ku telah bisa cintai kamu dihatiku…”,only for one hour. But if we have “broken hearth”, the beautiful words which can touch the soul become the sharpest knife sticks the hearth.
The initial words which is “I can’t live without you” becomes “my life, your life” or “I love you very much” becomes “I really hate you” and “please, always stay with me” becomes “preeett,, just go away”, so, where is the beauty of the love which can put out the fire but it makes it to be bigger and bigger. Why does the beauty become the badness? That is not what the giver of the love wants namely Allah SWT. He likes the beauty therefore we are given a love to create a beauty but how come we show the badness, divorce and even bloodshed. It is because we haven’t understood that love is a gift of Allah for us so that we create the beauty on the world. Let’s try to remember the tragedies that have happened: a war between Indonesia and Japan, murder in the dam of Pengge in Lombok a few months ago and the fight in Ketare only because of a girl, they directly shop to buy Samurai. Actually, Allah has given us instruction through his subsection about love that we must love one another not only for human being but also for animal or plants.
So, why is still there the bigger fire due to love? Realize that love is very beautiful and it will put out the fire of force if we really realize that love comes from Allah who likes the beauty. If there is a mother who wants to be angry with her child say “Mom says like this because of love” or the boss says something to his workers “I admonish you all because of love”. How beautiful the words owing to love which beat down the anger.
Therefore, let us use the love in the real beauty which Allah desires because love is his gift so that it will put out the fire. Unless, it will be bigger and bigger.
So, I hope that we can love everything not only because she is our girlfriend or he is our boyfriend. Give our love to everything that we find anywhere.
That’s all about my speech. I hope that it will be useful for us and I’m about to say I’m sorry if I have any mistakes because no bodies perfect on the world. Thank you for your attention, see you and wassalamualaikum wr.wb

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